Physician fraud. Needless to say i did not provide them with that and told them to wire the cash via Western Union.

Physician fraud. Needless to say i did not provide them with that and told them to wire the cash via Western Union.

My friend is perhaps all over FB in search for a great people currently. She is friended on FB by a Dr Eric Griffins. She believes he’s actual but im here to show he or she is a fake. His FB webpage is pleasing to the eye, therefore do their pics, but i really believe a scammer is using this medical doctors profile. They chatted for many months, now he or she is asking for funds to be able to visit their to include a leave demand inside the level of $1050.00.

This lady has taken him really because they have told rest these are typically a coupe, she claims if he is a scammer however has talked with others to obtain their money furthermore. Be sure to show the lady incorrect before she directs your the amount of money. He could be Dr Eric Griffins. In Syria. Allow authorized through NATO. Home town Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In Syria with Secret-service Objective.

We first planning he was in with medical practioners without Boarders. Basically in the morning completely wrong about that guy We owe their an apology but Really don’t envision i will be.

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Another one to take into consideration. Doctor Thomas Quest, ORthopaedic doctor with NATO in Yemen.

I was corresponding with a person which claims to end up being an orthopedic physician employed in Aleppo, Syria with Doctors without edges. The guy goes on the name of John Williams. The guy 1st said on one of my personal Twitter stuff, so when I answered him, the guy requested us to change-over to Hangouts.

I realized quickly it actually was a scam, so I continued just to find out more resources. Within a short time he had been crazy about myself. Willing to reach the usa and marry me. The guy mentioned he had not a way to view their bank account, and provided me with the name and email of his attorneys, which was a gmail acct, just who consequently stated I’d to pay for $4,850.00 for their paperwork for allow.

When I asked your about their revenue and told him I’d nothing, the guy stated his lawyer could request me to obtain the money thru an exchange, nonetheless desired my financial information.

For the they need me to send them a copy regarding the back and front of my ID. He stated he had been from Ireland and sent an image of tinder cougar cum their “home” there. The backyard with a pool and “palm woods”.

We barely thought you’ll find hand trees in Ireland. He furthermore sent photos of his young ones, that I believe aren’t his. The guy known as when, and never an indication of an Irish highlight. I inspected his Twitter account and he is after around 57 lady. So there are much more sufferers available.

We have reported your to Twitter, Google, FBI. Expect they nab these folks. Please be mindful women!

I have been called by a lady claiming is an orthopedic doctor in Syria for your UN. I’m a good idea to this stuff so I attempted lightly.

I’ve already discovered she took another health practitioners profile and pictures.

OMG (Oh My Benefits). I’M JUST TRYING to demonstrate that the SCENARIO with Eric Griffins is just like how it happened to me. IDENTICAL. It has got occurred to other individuals. Similar situation.

Eric Griffins may be another type of title although circumstance is the SAME. The labels modification, but the RIPOFF is similar.

In the event the pal believes so highly within so called Dr. Eric Griffins next inform her to choose it! She will discover eventually the truth from the matter.we just planned to discuss my personal SWINDLE with other people to prevent it from occurring for them. Whew. Is it so difficult in order to comprehend?

I too must apply at the UN Vacation office to inquire about for an allow demand. After saying he treasured me so so much he’d declare that we had been partnered. Then when we purportedly blogged for the UN getaway company I’d to share with all of them that I happened to be their wife and that there was a crisis at home. now, i am aware now that the page was probably sent to HIM plus the saddest part of this whole thing would be that I actually felt it was not the case but I was thinking that we loved him and would not think ME.

NOW HOW PATHETIC WOULD BE THAT. I desired to believe HIM and never MY VERY OWN INTUITION. PATHETIC, without a doubt. Damn myself. “Doctor SCAM, please bring A GRIP and like yourself, discover anyone on the market individually and good person rather than a person who could ask you to answer for money.

This case is so like my own. PLEASE LISTEN do not let these individuals do that to us good sort reputable everyone. Don’t GET IT DONE “Physician Swindle” victim.

BE AWARE OF “DOCTOR CON” inform their it’s a fraud as that is what happened to me. KINDLY TRY NOT TO GIVE ANY MONEY. Determine the lady not to getting so desperate!IT’S A FRAUD. Exactly what additional is it possible to say! She is not deaf dumb and blind are she? ITS A FRAUD and all of he desires will be the money.

In my situation it absolutely was iTune cards to download his documents then $5000 for a move from the UN in which he had been a orthopedic physician and then he requested $12,000 cash for the airplanes food. He will probably query to either send they by Western Union otherwise line it through your bank. While I visited Western Union, they realized RIGHT-AWAY that it was a scam and won’t deliver the money for me.

very DUMMY me personally went along to my lender and sent it to a banking account in SMYRNA, GA. IT IS A FRAUD.

KINDLY PLEASE LISTEN because’s a SCAM and simply tell him to transmit the money to check out what goes on. SERIOUSLY and PAY ATTENTION.

Hi. I trust you. He or she is a scammer definitely. Where business a Doctor will ask money from a lady?

In a key mision? Kindly. Tell the woman to check on the content during the web page fraud Haters joined, in which his name appears as the recognized scamers.

This men and women are crooks and want as ended. We should instead avoid women from these scumbags.

Inside the visibility and facts are warning flag everywhere.

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