We’ll take you out on the world-famous Kenai to capture the mighty Alaskan master fish.

We’ll take you out on the world-famous Kenai to capture the mighty Alaskan master fish.

Make Inlet Angling

The entire year round angling place. Bring a remarkable time finding their delicious halibut.

Fly Out Fishing

Enjoy where highways don’t go and locate some of the world’s best fly-fishing stores.

Keep Viewing

Feel the enjoyment of viewing brown bears and black colored bears inside their environment.

Alaska Fishing Lodge

Kenai Lake Lodge

All of our comfy and cozy lodge conveniently located in the epicenter of a few of the Kenai River’s most useful fishing. Merely come out the cabin door and we will select your right up within the vessel for an unforgettable day of angling.

Best River Boats

Using the best in course lake watercraft and fishing accessories, all you have to carry out was deliver your self, and doctor web chat we’ll manage others.

Alaskan BBQ

With a fireplace and lots of room for all, our “Alaskan” backyard helps make the best spot to relax and BBQ new Salmon.

Party Warm

Large enough to easily accommodate groups from 2-24 friends. From parents holidays and reunions, Corporate/Incentive excursions, church retreats, etc. We could do everything!

Jerry’s Sugary Master Salmon

Some Happier Fisherman

Alaska Halibut

Hal’s Sockeye Salmon

Fishing for Reds

Erich, Zach, the girls finding Silvers

Kenai Salmon Angling

Kasilof River King Salmon

See just what it is like once you land a Kasilof master Salmon throughout the end of the range! Magnificent!

Alaska Halibut

Cook Inlet halibut typical from 20 to 50 weight. They’re fun to catch as well as easier to devour.

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

Capture and release an enormous Rainbow Trout in trip after they’ve gorged on fish eggs.

Kenai Lake Sockeye Salmon

Otherwise known as Red Salmon, Sockeye are among the hardest combat fish, but definitely worth the fight.

Kenai River Gold Salmon

One of Alaska’s best sport fish, sterling silver fish were acrobatic competitors very be prepared for some fun.

Nushagak River Master Fish

The Nushagak River gets the biggest master run in Alaska with well over 100,000 King Salmon!

Make Inlet Ling Cod

They’re perhaps not the prettiest fish to consider, but they are satisfying to consume and pleasing to catch.

Kenai Lake Master Fish

Celebrated for 60+ pounds master Salmon, fishing the Kenai lake was a when in a very long time combat.

I recently wish give thanks to Eric and Kasey for making my personal visit to Alaska an aspiration be realized. They worked hard about drinking water to get you on fish-day after time. Anything was first-rate from assisting us prepare the trip to filleting all of our capture at the conclusion of your day. Thanks a lot, We’re Going To return!

Steve Rubio, Arizona

The Kenai Lake Guides

Eric Loomis

An avid fisherman and huntsman, Eric stumbled on Alaska 15 years in the past and it has never ever kept since. Angling for master Salmon throughout the Kenai lake is their existence contacting!

Ryan Rosenbaum

Ryan Rosenbaum began fishing the Kenai lake in 2003. He became smooth pals with Eric during the summer while changing angling stories over a campfire and close items. While home-base for Ryan with his family members is in Lewiston ID he nonetheless really likes planned inside summertimes to fish the Kenai with Eric. Each summer he with his wife LaChelle push their particular two girl, Kaylee and Katelynn, up to Alaska for the next season saturated in fishing, family and fun. When Ryan isn’t fishing regarding Kenai, you can find him angling or searching someplace in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon or Wyoming. In 2005 the guy continued to follow his warmth and began leading full time for Hells Canyon Sport Fishing for your note of the season. Though Ryan’s ‘home’ rivers are in ID and WA everything started from the Kenai. Considering the nature of guiding all year round, regardless of the river or circumstances you may be guaranteed that when angling with Ryan your in good possession!

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